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View Diary: Understanding The Attacks On Public Employees (216 comments)

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  •  We're in the public eye so much. A few bad actors (12+ / 0-)

    always get an inordinate amount of attention. We even mock ourselves between agencies, from the picture of the road kill that had a fog line painted over it with the caption "That's not in MY job description!" to the guys who towed their loader into a SUV in NYC a couple weeks back. All our errors are magnified and most of our accomplishments are overlooked.

    Who out their is rightfully thankful for sober, sane, and safe plow-truck drivers? Let me tell you, you should be. If you've ever seen what one can do to a car (the ones I've seen were the car's fault) then you should thank your lucky stars when you see one.

    I work and play with guys that keep the passes open and driving one of those trucks is like being on the inside of a ping-pong ball. They are getting some recognition now with the T.V. shows but they should all get a medal and our deep appreciation (and the ones on the interstates have it every bit as rough). I drive and crew an ambulance which is enough adrenaline for me, whenever they suggest I train into a plow-truck I decline.

    More people need to get a foggy clue before they begrudge what anyone gets paid, especially blue collar public service workers.

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