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  •  completely agree (7+ / 0-)

    i'm certainly not vilifying call time staffers -- they're some of the hardest working people on the campaign.  

    the people involved in the process aren't the problem at all.  the process itself that needs reform.

    •  I know you didn't go afte the staffers themselves (5+ / 0-)

      But I've found in my line of work that there's the virtue of door knocks and phone calls, but a distain toward the staff on the finance team.

      Having done both for several cycles since 2000, I can tell you without doubt that anyone willing to sacrifice their personal lives for a campaign deserve a tip of the hat no matter what department they're in.

      Also, I've never met anyone in campaign finance/fundraising who thinks the current system is a good thing.  It's a nearly universal sentiment that if they reformed the system to eliminate us, it'd be a good thing.

      Don't Wait : Drink It Straight!

      by caharris on Sun Jan 09, 2011 at 08:56:03 AM PST

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