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  •  Defenses of the First Amendment never sound (4+ / 0-)
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    ben masel, Ivan, Phil S 33, mathman mr t

    off key.

    Violence is inherent in governance. From Preston Brooks beating Senator Charles Sumner to Aaron Burr killing Alexander Hamilton to today's rhetoric...violence is and always will be a part of governance.

    Governance is violence.  It is the monopoly on the "legitimate use of force".

    This was not governance, this was the act of a madman.

    Calls to change the rhetoric or to increase civility do not address the wide chasms between the political beliefs of the left and the right in this country.  We always have been a divided nation, since the Revolutionary War, since the Civil War, through Jim Crow, to impeachment, Bush v. Gore to Citizens Divided.

    Are our differences to large to overcome is the real question.

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