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View Diary: Letter to President Obama about Egypt (9 comments)

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  •  The Obama administration has asked Mubarak to (0+ / 0-)

    step down. According to The Los Angeles Times.

    The President has decided to do this diplomatically, rather than publicly. This is not an easy position the US has found itself. What if Mubarak is able to squash the protest movement, and strong-armed himself back into power? Then the US who had publicly flogged him, would now have a second Iran on it's hands.

    The President needs to do what he has been doing, dealing with this issue in a diplomatic manner, and not come out and publicly yell at someone who could very well ignore him, as he seemed to have done here, and use force to get back into power. Barack Obama is not Bush, he then could not and would not go in and remove Mubarak because he is a dictator, the way George Bush removed Saddam Hussein. And I'm sure many of us here would be against such an escapade.

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