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  •  So do I (11+ / 0-)

    I have come to loathe the odious Gregory, which I never thought possible after my measure of him after his dance with Karl Rove.  What the hell?  This is what we have for analysis?  It is pathetic.

    •  I can't loathe the guy (4+ / 0-)

      He sucks, he often asks the wrong questions but it's not about him and he cannot control the answers.

      Really, seriously, this diary was not about David Gregory. Most of the comments are but it was about someone giving the best possible answer for a change. It was about gratitude for something I almost never see anymore.

      And to be quite honest the vitriol for the media around here makes me sick. I wish people would take the inventory of the people they worked to get elected half as critically as they do for someone asking the wrong questions. What can I say besides it's not about the questions but the answers.

      •  I understand your frustration, and agree (3+ / 0-)
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        You are right to correct me, even though I retain the right to loathe gregory; it's personal.  Otherwise, I agree with you that the story itself was the thing to be celebrated -- I felt the same thrill you did.  Harry Reid, putting it straight and agreeing with us.  Finding empathy for those who are suffering most for the financial devastation we have been through, are still are experiencing, and fear will get worse, most probably.  That fact that he understands and was willing to state, without equivocation, that SS is NOT on the chopping block, primarily because there is reason for putting it there, is extremely important.

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