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  •  so much for IMMINENT. (1+ / 0-)
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    Per the US Supreme Court decision, it's not an illegal threat unless it's "imminent."  As our resident civil rights dude Ben Masel says, that means saying something like "There he is, get him NOW!"  

    But "imminent" is as absurd as the idea of defining a "restaurant" by requiring that it serve you a meal within three minutes of your order.  It's an almost laughable concession to the culture of instant this and immediate that and now-ism and impatience and absence of historical memory.  Almost laughable until the times when it results in someone ending up dead.  

    When Bin Laden issues videos calling for terrorist acts, the terrorists he incites don't run out and "imminently" blow stuff up and kill people.  They plot and plan and scheme, nurse their hatreds and nurture their hatreds, and then at some time much later, do their evil deeds.

    The same is true in the present instance with Judge Roll.  The haters made their spew two years ago.  It festered and fumed in the culture for over a year before it had its fatal result.  

    It's time to overturn Brandenburg's idiotic "imminent" standard and replace it with "clear and foreseeable, with a reasonable person standard."    

    If radio & TV stations have to put programs on 7-second delay so they can bleep the occasional four-letter word and glimpse of bare breasts in order to avoid FCC fines, they can damn well start doing the same with callers who call for death to public officials.  

    And a chart with cross-hairs over elected officials does not get a pass either.  Palin's comment about those being "surveyor's marks" is absurd: her base knows as much about surveyor's marks as I know about doing heart transplants.  

    None of that shit should get a 1st Amendment pass, any more than kiddie porn or bomb threats or scribbled notes handed to bank tellers by guys in ski masks.  

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