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    By creating roadblocks at the local, county city and state levels across the country, it slows down the process, creates waiting perids, and makes it more difficult. If you cant just walk in and buy off the shelf.. if you have to pay deposits on each casing, if you have to fill out a form, it weeks out some of the nuts. not all. Nothing will get all. But the more roadblocks you put up, the more committed someone has to be to get past them. Sort of how the anti abortion people put up contant roadblocks to decrease abortions. Its certainly worth a try.. nothing else has worked.

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      Pot is illegal, and yet any highschooler can buy it at will.  Abortion is illegal in Egypt, and extremely common.  Alcohol was outlawed, and drinking continued.  

      There is no legislation or tax that will have a material effect on the supply of firearms and ammunition in the US.  You may end up with black or grey markets, loop holes, who knows what, but you will not effectively reduce supply.

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