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  •  Friedrich von Steuben - Revolutionary War Hero. (8+ / 0-)

    My thoughts about the relevancy regarding Daniel had to do with his age, as well, and how his life story (like so many other hero's) might be relevant to our youth in America.

    I thought it was relevant enough to hold up this young man to my teenage son as being a hero and worthy role model to learn from, and to point out the stupidity of stereotypes.  

    His response? "Let's hope some people learn somethings from this."

    I also think about our LGBT youth.  At only 20, Daniel is their peer and contemporary.  He's immediate, well-known, now, and the entire nation is recognizing him as a hero. He has literally demonstrated courage under fire. If Daniel's name is used as a counter example in even just one bullying situation as a come back -- as a reason to stand up and speak up with pride and some self-confidence -- then I definitely think it's "relevant."

    Thank you for the diary.  Interesting discussion.

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