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View Diary: "I almost shot the man holding the gun." (update) (105 comments)

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  •  the person killing people is the bad guy (0+ / 0-)

    Joe caused NO further tragedy.

    If nobody is walking around executing people on the ground, you must take a moment and assess the situation. JUST LIKE A COP. Police have no magic ability to do this. Most cops shoot their guns 4 times a year to qualify. If Joe happened to be an off-duty cop, it would not have changed anything that happened, except he would have had a badge in his pocket and nobody would have been saying he acted poorly.

    This may mean a concealed carry person gets shot because they don't know whats happening. When Joe intervened, he accepted that risk. He could have laid on the ground behind a pillar instead if he felt he couldn't do anything.

    If you can find ONE SINGLE instance of a civilian accidently shooting another civilian during a mass shooting, I will reconsider my position. I doubt if you can even find one instance of a third party gun-carrier shooting someone accidently.

    When I took my CCW class, all this was explained to me. Before someone carries I think they should have their responsibilities and the law explained to them (incidentally this means I don't really support Arizona's concealed carry law). In fact they told us to avoid being a third party in an incident, unless you trust your judgement enough to risk a legal and moral apocalypse.

    Joe acted in accordance with all that, and acted perfectly. If you watched his interview, you know he never even drew his gun. His "almost shot him" is probably very different than what you're imagining. We would have been damn glad he was there if Loughner had been walking around executing people like the virginia tech shooter.

    To your second point, I have no idea whether he could have gotten a shot off, and I can't know. Once again proper judgement must be used. If it comes out later that someone else, maybe in the crowd, was carrying, and didn't shoot because of the chaos, then I wouldn't blame them.

    A gun is by no means a be-all end-all solution, but it certainly gives you more options. Until phasers with a stun setting are available to us we will have to deal with these questions.

    •  You are right -a cop wouldnt have done any better (0+ / 0-)

      What would have made the situation better is if NOBODY had a gun to begin with. Once a nutjob like Loughner gets his hands on a gun with a 33round clip, there are no good outcomes.

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