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View Diary: Jon Stewart's take on the Tucson shooting (257 comments)

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  •  How do you show a bully he's wrong? (7+ / 0-)

    Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, et al, are after power.  I doubt they care that what they are saying is wrong.  They use public relations techniques to beguile (mislead) the gullible, and it works.  

    Society has to find ways to constrain the polluting effects of these "bad apples" or risk the entire society becoming afflicted by the disease.  

    •  But do you care about what Limbaugh, Beck (1+ / 0-)
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      and others think?  I think it's more important to talk past these idiots and beginning a conversation with those who are listening to them.  Why do these people relate to the hatemongers? Only once we can understand the answer to that question, can we hope to put the anger to rest.

    •  Papering over problems (5+ / 0-)

      in our sick society. We have to resist it when the consequences are this serious.  

      We do have to find ways to prevent these kinds of tragedies and honest debate about the impact of inflammatory, violent propaganda against government and elected officials has to be part of the discussion.

      Yes, we need to provide greater safety net for mental health services and yes we need to find more ways of keeping guns out of the hands of these people.

      But we can't walk away from the obvious impact of the steady stream of political hate mongering.  The August Town Hall Meetings were a perfect example of how twisted political discourse has become in this country.  We can't allow it to continue.

      Proud member of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

      by Betty Pinson on Tue Jan 11, 2011 at 09:34:34 AM PST

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