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  •  So... (none)
    Does anyone really believe the WH would go through all this trouble of planting Gannon and covering up his real identity, just to get a few slow pitches at press briefings? Doesn't that seem out of place for a party that prides itself on cost-benefit analysis?

    So if that wasn't really it, what are the current theories on what the WH stood to really gain from his presence? Was he essentially spying on the WH press corps itself, giving the WH the scoop on what questions would be forthcoming from other journalists, etc.? Or was he a point man in some deeper strategy to contort the media to the WH's wishes? Or was it something else entirely?

    What is everyone thinking in terms of the reward the WH was expecting?

    •  re: cost-benefit (none)
      i'm sure gannon did it for free, and that he felt it was his "patriotic duty" or that any salary he recieved came from

      so, the WH felt that they could shape journalistic discussion for free, basically, much the same way the swift boat vets did.

      regarding the bigger picture, i'm sure he was given questions based on whatever the WH had to say that day, and that at certain points, the script said to call on gannon.

      •  But it's not free (none)
        Even if he wasn't being paid by the WH. They were still taking a risk that someone would eventually find him out and cause some political problems for the WH. Imagine if this thing had broken, say, two weeks before November 2nd? Maybe it would have had no effect, but maybe it would have.

        So you're Karl Rove, the evil genius of contemporary politics. Do you really risk the house that Gannon won't be found out? You can't answer the question unless you know what you're going to get out of the deal. If it's just some softball questions, I don't think that's a reasonable gamble. There's got to be a bigger payoff in mind.

        I dunno, maybe it's just me hoping that Gannon is the break-in that leads to the slush fund that leads to the 18-minute gap that leads to the smoking gun. But it just feels like there's more to Gannon's role than just a few lobs at the president.

        •  and the really stupid thing is (none)
          there was no reason. If all they wanted to do was get specific questions asked, there are plenty of MSM reporters who would have been happy to do it.

          No one would have questioned who they were or why they were there.

          There is something more here. Something much larger and/or more sinister.

          And if Gannon was paid by Talon, there will be a record of it somewhere. Anybody found one yet? If he WAS paid, and by Talon, where did THEY get their money? They sure didn't have any revenues.

    •  It's common (none)
      It's common CIA tradecraft.  You drop bits and pieces of information that pan out and suggest you have inside knowledge as a means of establishing bono fides.  If this is repeated on a number of levels over time, those who receive your information leaks, trust you as a source.  This then establishes you as someone to be generally trusted.  Then -- eventually, you can plant disinformation, and it too will be trusted.

      You guys need to read more spy novels.  

    •  follow the money (none)
      presumably someone who has to spend a lot of time in the WH got tired of having to nip out to the Mayflower for a little relief between meetings. Talon news is just a cover to justify JJGG's presence in the WH, and cover the money trail for his services.

      Who ?


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