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View Diary: Gannon knew about "shock and awe" hours before (369 comments)

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  •  Do Freepers drink BrainoDrano??? (none)
    How can they possibly come up with this level of stupidity? They're demonstrating in favor of a whore ?!?!?!

    One day I'm going to read something the GOP or Bush or another of those freaks has done and my brain will right pop out of my cranium, look up at me, and say "Look, I can't handle any more of this shit!"  And who could blame it?

    •  I can't stop laughing (none)
      All I want to do is take one of those pictures of Guckert spread eagle, blow it up, put it on a big ass poster with the words "Free Republic Loves the Conservative Media" and just hold it up at their "protest rally"

      I'm dying of laughter right now.

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