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View Diary: Gannon knew about "shock and awe" hours before (369 comments)

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    And THAT is the angle that needs to be shoved right down their throats.  Over and over and over again.  THAT is the angle which is resonating with the public.  THAT is the angle that got Bush re-elected.  So THAT is the angle to consistently push right back at them so they fall right off the cliff with it.  Period.
    •  To what end? (none)
      I agree that this is a huge nat'l security issue, but push to what end?

      The media refused to cover all the issues Bush has.

      Republicans have openly stated that Bush can do no wrong, they have openly shielded him from the mechenisms laid out in our gov to remove him, a la.

      Lastly the Dems are not really sceaming about all this, they chat, they talk, but they will not do what they knows needs to be done.

      So again, what am I "Blogger #98048372.3485" should do?

      I am a man without a Nation, without a voice... BushsAmerica

      by Ioo on Fri Feb 18, 2005 at 10:34:49 AM PST

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        Oh I certainly share your sentiments, but to me this issue, Bush's supposed "strength" of national security is really his greatest weakness.

        Perhaps the MSM won't listen and report.  Perhaps they will continue to wilt and be the little beggers they are to remain in Bush's good graces.

        But then again, this Gannon story had very little legs when it started.  And looking at John's site, just see how many MSM folks have decided it's worth covering after the bloggers did the dirty work for them.

        And again, you're right to point out about the Dems. not wanting to do much with this security issue.  They're picking their battles carefully, perhaps too carefully to some, but this certainly isn't quite on their agenda just yet.  Right now SS and the Budget takes precedence as their priorities, and look how well they're doing with those - Bush is begging for someone to throw him a bone, and the Dems. aren't budging.

        This issue of the Dems. and SS is also thanks much in part to the bloggers efforts ( and the grassroots support, among other things of course.

        My point is the bloggers and the grassroots efforts are making a significant difference on these issues.  Perhaps it's not up to the Dems. and the MSM to take up the torch on this national security issue.  Most likely it will come down to whether or not the bloggers and the grassrooters will want to take up this issue for the Dems. to latch onto and run with.  I'd contend that we can and should, because it's a gaping hole in this Administration's armour.

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