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View Diary: Gannon knew about "shock and awe" hours before (369 comments)

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  •  "realize that the producer... has.." (none)
    a private interest in hurting the Bush admin"

    you're treading perilously close to troll territory.

    If you're really interested in presenting an intelligent alternate perspective to the Kossacks, you'll want to drop the kneejerk RW b.s.

    •  Nice dowdification (2.25)
      I challenge the author of AmericaBlog to add one piece of information to his post: for whom did that producer friend of his vote in 2004?

      That's all the private interest I'm talking about.
      And when you look at the polling history of news producers, you'll see that it is much more likely than not that I'm right.

      And again, the basis for this, as I said, is not a kneejerk RW reaction, it's a kneejerk reaction against anonymous sources.  As you'll see if you ever try to post on my blog, I much prefer people who are willing to put a name to their claims and accusations.

      What am I doing on DailyKos? I'm Running for the Right...

      by RFTR on Fri Feb 18, 2005 at 10:39:44 AM PST

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