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View Diary: Gannon scoop shows White House Forged TANG/CBS memos?!?! (253 comments)

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  •  I read Hunter's diary (4.00)
    and it is excellent. His speculation is very plausible.

    Since the content of the documents has been verified by a secretary, it is the so-called WORD processing that made them suspicious. They could have easily been re-processed from the originals. If I remember correctly, only 2 docs were suspect and therefore the others were also disgarded. Also, the show did not really need the docs to back up the story on Bush's TANG record. They had living witnesses. If it was a Rovian plot it worked remarkably well.

    Then there's the fact that the producers actually thought that the White House 'cleared' the docs when they were submitted for comment. I heard over & over -The White House read them and did not question their authenticity.- I find that very suspicious.

    To thine own self be true - W.S.

    by Agathena on Fri Feb 18, 2005 at 10:52:12 AM PST

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    •  A forensic ananlysis showed the docs (none)
      were made with an electric typewriter.  Knox typed the originals on a manual.  Buckhead erroneously said they were word-processed.
      •  Either way, they were re-processed (none)
        if as the secretary said, the content was authentic.

        To thine own self be true - W.S.

        by Agathena on Fri Feb 18, 2005 at 11:57:09 AM PST

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        •  not quite (none)
          She said that she didn't type them, but that the content reflected the views of her old boss.  That's not quite the same thing as authentic.

          My current guess is that the documents were forged, but were designed specifically to fool CBS, with the purpose of burning and discrediting CBS and eliminating the issue of Bush's Vietnam service or lack thereof as a campaign issue.  The plan all along was to burn 60 Minutes so badly that no reporter would touch it with a 10-foot pole.  And it worked.

    •  I remember a statement that WH was (none)
      giving out copies and it puzzled me no end.  Did the WH have access to the copies from Rather?  Or did they have them before Rather?

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