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View Diary: Gannon scoop shows White House Forged TANG/CBS memos?!?! (253 comments)

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  •  If the WH/Rathergate (4.00)
    can be proven, it should bring down the entire administration. I say should because with the regular diet of right wing manufactured outrage, I wonder if there are enough people left to recognize an actual outrage.

    When memogate first broke, I thought it was peculiar that such a thorough 'debunking' was seemingly at the ready. It reminded me of the old tradition in cartography.

    Mapmakers would deliberately draw very small errors into their maps as a primitive sort of copyright. If someone copied a map with the deliberate errors included, they were busted.

    Same with the memos. The people who forged the memos had a ready list of errors. How did this list of memo errors come to light so quickly? How was a thorough list of typographical irregularities instantly compiled by someone with no experience in typography? The most plausible explanation is that the people who forged the memo's passed on their list of deliberate errors.

    This could be why the repubs are so terrified. IF this pans out, it would show that the Bush admin deliberately and maliciously 'took out' a mainstream news outlet in their unbridled quest for absolute power.

    This should be a priority one investigation.

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