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View Diary: Gannon scoop shows White House Forged TANG/CBS memos?!?! (253 comments)

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  •  You don't think some of this (none)
    is sinking into the American consciousness as it were? One little news bit, rumor, story around the water cooler, after the other.

    I see it as a damn of negative emotions regarding this admin waiting for the final flood of bad news to bust it wide open.

    He's down to around 45% approval rating now with out help from the MSM. If they actually start to vigorously cover some scandal or other and Bush's ratings drop to 35% or so, watch for the repugs to turn on each other like wounded sharks and we'll have the pleasure of watching from the boat.

    I'm metaphor'ed out for now.

    •  Admire your aqueous (none)
      metaphors. And I hope you're right about the dam being about to burst. This story has really developed legs, or fins, in the past few days.

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