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View Diary: Gannon scoop shows White House Forged TANG/CBS memos?!?! (253 comments)

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    I read something to this effect somewhere here... but I am on dial-up... and it sucks... :) So I gave up trying to find it again. The real point... the question that matters in this CBS Doc thing is: How the hell did some blogger identify these documents as fake by watching the story on TV? Unless I missed something here... that is simply not possible. Ignoring the fact that the post was made within minutes of airtime and was made on an obvious Right Wing blog. (that is Very questionable in its integrity in the first place and has been strongly suggested (linked?) directly to the GOP. The only way that could be true is if someone knew of and had time to analyze the docs before airtime. If that was true then they should have posted the fact when they knew the fact. The ONLY conclusion can be that it was known that they were forgeries (probably planted) and then "leaked" to a trusted GOP propaganda website.

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