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View Diary: Compilation of Reactions to Pres. Obama's Speech (251 comments)

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  •  Out of the mouths of babes? Hardly. (0+ / 0-)

    Sorry, but I'd like to meet the 11-yr-old who says things like that. On second thought, maybe I don't.

    Back in '04, a radio program played an orchestral piece by some 11-yr-old composer who went by "Blue Jay". It was called "Overture to 9/11" and was quite impressive, esp. considering the age of the composer. But then they interviewed him. "When I reflected on the tragic events of that day," he began, whereupon I said, "Shut up, you little twerp." I somehow doubt an 11-yr-old reflects on much of anything, so he'd obviously been coached. And perhaps Ms. Santana is an 11-year resident?


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