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View Diary: The Tentacles of Outrage and Denial -- Funded by Koch! (46 comments)

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    The corporate billionaires like the Koch bros. are successful in manipulating political thinking in America because they have all the money. And of course they use their economic power to funnel ever more money into their hands.
    I would like to see more bloggers here and elsewhere focus toward exposing, describing and shining a bright flood light of attention on the network of multi-billionaires like, but by no means limited to, the Koch bros. and all the owners of diversified portfolios that include big oil, big coal, big banks, big auto, big ag, big media, big chemical, big pharmaceuticals, big insurance, big EVERYTHING.
    These oligarchs have systematically conducted a lavishly funded, highly organized and outrageously successful public manipulation campaign to convince people to distrust government, scoff at science and defund education, to the point that now the uneducated, uninformed and unthinking masses have put agents of big multi-national corporations into power, which they use to put even more wealth into their accounts, and out of ours, leaving impoverished families and communities, a drained economy, a paralyzed democracy and a devastated planet behind.
    Coral reefs are dying fast. The oceans are becoming acidic. Ice packs are receding. Droughts are spreading and forests are disappearing. The planet is heating up faster by the day and still we hear daily that the economy demands we extract and burn more carbon. Wars are fought to extract more oil and to increase quarterly revenues for major corporations.
    We all should shine a bright light on their strategies and methods.

    Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. -Carl Sagan

    by howardfromUSA on Fri Jan 14, 2011 at 03:52:17 PM PST

    •  totally agree (3+ / 0-)

      thank you howardfromUSA,

      for that thoughtful comment.

      We are being sold, fake news,
      in the same fashion, as before:

      "I too, believe that Nicotine is Not addictive."

      Look at how that one, finally turned out.

      The Climate Change Issue -- is no different --
      in fact it's even more dangerous,
      given the total number of people, and species,
      that will eventually be impacted,
      by the fake testimony of paid experts.

      Where's the Note?    -- SEIU

      by jamess on Fri Jan 14, 2011 at 04:14:48 PM PST

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