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  •  LOL! Don't worry, the structure is illogical! (4+ / 0-)

    Nope, Brighton isn't in the Premier League, nor the "Championship", which is the league below that, but we're currently fairly comfortably leading "League One", which is the league below that one and are looking very good for promotion. Yeah, I know, given their names, each of the top three leagues sounds like it should be the highest.

    No worries on the Liverpool front (assuming that they support Liverpool FC, as opposed to Everton FC, who also hail from Livepool - if that's the case I'd better start brushing up on my pugilistic skills!) I actually kinda have three teams that I like - some disapprove of this...; Liverpool, Arsenal and Brighton. I got into the former two as Mum supports Liverpool (actually, I'm told that one of the old squads, probably from sometime in the late '50s-'60s ended up around my great-grandparents house on occasion when they were playing in the South as my great-grandfather apparently was good friends with the manager or someone along those lines - they were allegedly pretty hard partiers at these events!) and my Dad supported Arsenal - supporting Brighton probably doesn't require an explanation ;-)

    That being said, coming from a fellow fan as it does, your friend might be okay with me saying that Liverpool are having a bloody miserable time of it this season - to the point that it's mathematically not at all inconceivable (if, thankfully, not too likely) that we could be relegated for what would, I believe, be the first time in our history. I'm hopeful regarding the new ownership, but that sort of thing takes time, at least in some respects.

    •  Is this the same Liverpool FC that my favorite (2+ / 0-)
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      Yasuragi, Lorinda Pike

      Red Sox club now owns?

      "The owners have invested more than $270 million in cash into the club, and during their tenure revenues have nearly doubled, investment in players has increased and the Club is one of the most profitable in the EPL,” they said, referring to the English Premier League.


      New England Sports Ventures was founded in 1981 by Mr. Henry, who together with The New York Times Company bought the Boston Red Sox in 2002.

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