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    Maybe I can join you :)

    That is so cool you mentioned that because I wanted to write a comment about this discovery of mine this week but forgot until you mentioned your travel dream: The National Park Service maintains 20 Black Historical Sites -- here's the blurb:

    African American Experience Parks

    Discover the 20 National Parks Sites that preserves African American history and learn about some of America’s most magnificent cultural treasures and learn about American diverse history that is supported by the African American Experience Fund and the National Park Foundation.

    The mission of The African American Experience Fund is to connect all Americans to the considerable contributions of African Americans throughout the country's history that are commemorated and brought to life in the National Parks. Since 2001, they have raised private funds to support educational, volunteer and community engagement programs in the National Parks and Historic Sites that honor and tell the story of the African American Experience.


    I discovered this information because I was researching Black communities and sites in Kansas. I want to do a week road trip this summer in my home state and have been researching places to go that I have yet to visit. On my list is the African American Museum in Wichita, and Nicodemus, KS, where the Exodusters settled (most came from KY); some were Buffalo Soldiers, too; and their descendants have started going back for a "Homecoming Weekend". The community is tiny today but there is a society that helps keep the history alive, which also was behind getting it listed as a NP site (meaning there's a ranger there passing on the history), as well as a farmers co-op. The community hosts a blues festival every summer. I'm excited to go there.

    NP last newsletter about Nicodemus

    I also want to go to Greensburg, the town that was leveled by a tornado a few years back and is now being rebuilt GREEN :)

    And I haven't even done the research on the Native American sites I want to see.

    Not to mention my weeklong return to my beloved Indian Country down in the Kiamachi Mountains of Oklahoma...

    Oh, so many places to visit!

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      Thank you for the information SLSF.  When I was in college I did a term paper on Nicodemus, so this is interesting.

      Yes, I agree - from so many cultures there is so much to learn and see in this country.  Sure, we I get rich, you can come :).  I'll fly you out to the east and we can start the journey together!  It will be so much fun!  We'll be like Oprah and Gail, lol!

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