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View Diary: What did the Tea-Partier Say to Fuller - and why'd he Threaten his Life? (262 comments)

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    AoT, Prachar

    Your title implies that the tea bagger deserved it.

    That's bullshit.

    Imagine a diary titled: What did Gillibrand say to make someone want to kill her.

    The premise in your title is deeply offensive.

    I am on record saying so. I hopes others here will join me.

    I think just the title alone begs that this dairy be unrecced.

    I don't want to be any part of a liberal false equivalency game. It's pure hypocrisy.

    ~a little change goes a long way~ (ps: sorry for all typing errors I has a splint on my left pinky today

    by missliberties on Sun Jan 16, 2011 at 09:23:57 AM PST

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