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View Diary: Sunday Train: Quiet Progress Edition One ~ Superelevation & Cant Deficiency (30 comments)

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    When I've seen the discussion of cant deficiency, superelevation, and so forth on The Transport Politic blog, it's always made my mind glaze over.

    Thanks for making your explanation so clear that even a lay reader like me can understand the subject.

    And I share your excitement about the pending rules change. It looks to me like this could shave the trip times for almost all the conventional Amtrak lines.

    Taking half an hour (or dare we hope for more?) from some schedules would allow serving some cities that are barely served at all now.

    Pittsburgh, for example, currently can be reached at about 10 minutes before midnight, after an eight (8) hour run from Washington, D.C. with no delays.

    Take 30 minutes out of that schedule gets you into Pittsburgh at 11:20, but squeeze another 20 minutes out and the arrival could be at 10:59. Marketing a seven hour ride that gets you into Pgh at 11 instead of at midnight is gonna be easier.

    On a shorter route, like Chicago-Detroit, squeezing half an hour out of a schedule might even allow using the equipment on one train to make an additional one-way trip (or one roundtrip Chicago-Kalamazoo) instead of only one Detroit roundtrip per day. A shorter trip time and an additional frequency would see ridership soar.

    The Amtrak system of conventional trains could be transformed by these developments.

    •  I've previously noted that ... (2+ / 0-)
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      BYw, ban nock

      ... untying the Indianapolis / Chicago Hoosier from the Cardinal could allow the current three Cardinal services a week to DC, ticketed through to NYC on NEC Regionals, and also three Capital Corridor services a week that could run through Cleveland and Pittsburgh in the evening rather than after midnight.

      But the Cardinal is plagued by late running, and anything that would allow more Cardinal services to catch up after a delay would make that kind of operation far more practical.

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