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  •  if a teabagger (3+ / 0-)
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    shoots a Republican politician instead of organizing his fellow local crazies to primary him, I suspect that the GOP might demand . . . I'm not sure what but I am sure it would infringe on everybody's civil liberties.

    I am also sure that the teabaggers would get a close up and personal view of the bottom of a bus.

    I regard this as the most likely situation in which a Republican political figure would be subject to violence or an attempt at violence. This is one of the reasons why the GOP isn't publicly trying to tamp down their nutcase base; fear of appearing insufficiently crazy to them resulting in being next on the hit parade.

    Stirring up TEH CRAZY has historically proven a dangerous and dicey game and I regard the opinion of the GOP and the Koch Brothers that they can control it to any great extent as completely unfounded. And one I don't think they completely believe, otherwise they'd just issue orders to the teabaggers to put a sock in it for a few months.

    What they'll do when they discover that they can't control their astroturfed movement from experience will be . . . interesting.

    The Nazis dealt with their teabagger problem when they decided they preferred corporate backing to right-wing populists via mass executions and imprisonment.

    While this sort of thing has no place in a democracy, if I were a teabagger leader, I'd be . . . very nervous.

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    by alizard on Mon Jan 17, 2011 at 04:33:09 AM PST

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