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View Diary: Steelers or Stealers? Blatant cheating in the NFL (137 comments)

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  •  Game situation needs to be considered (0+ / 0-)

    in those penalty yards.  Hines Ward's penalty was bogus, but it didn't come at a crucial point in a drive or put the stealers in seriously dangerous field position.  Most of their penalty yardage came on one pass interference call in which their DB nearly tackled Derrick Mason while the ball was on its way.  Meanwhile one of the Ravens most costly penalties was the defensive holding call which only "cost" them 2 yards ... and a new set of downs for the stealers at the 2.  They also had a touchdown called back on a phantom hold.  Yes, Boldin dropped the pass in the endzone but they should have already booked that TD on the return that was negated.

    Most of the crackdown on the stealers was in the form of fines, not penalty flags.  Just the league extracting some of that excess Pittsburgh revenue.  Hell, even when they pile-drove Carson Palmer into the turf there was no flag.  They also might be OK with Ben getting whacked around a bit for the morality play aspect of it - make the fans happy that the serial rapist is getting his comeuppance.  Linda M couldn't have come up with a better villain.

    FOX News is for people who can't handle reality ...
    BTW - read The Authoritarians free here.

    by kbman on Sun Jan 16, 2011 at 11:03:40 PM PST

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    •  Excess revenue? (5+ / 0-) know that NFL teams share most revenue?

      Not to say that there are no 2009 the highest revenue team was Washington @ $345 million.

      The lowest was Oakland @ $215 million.

      So clearly there is a gap.

      Which in this instance FAVORS the Ravens...ranked 11 in revenue @ $245 million...

      Over the Steelers...ranked 16 with revenue of $240 million.

      Not a huge gap...but it's actually in your favor, so I'm puzzled about what excess Pittsburgh revenue you're talking about.

      Look, clearly you are a passionate Ravens fan.  And the Ravens have built an excellent organization and are one of the most consistent winners in the NFL.

      As have the Steelers.

      I'm sure that someday my team will be on the losing end of one of these match-ups with Baltimore...and I'll hate it.

      But like I said, I've experienced play-off losses 19 times...which is really kind of a tongue in cheek complaint.  I'm sure many fans would be thrilled have had as many opportunities to follow their team in the post-season as I've had.

      Losing sucks.  But why the cheap shots?  The Ravens have just as many skeletons in the limo as the Steelers do, if you really want to go there...but what's the point?  People wouldn't rag on Ray Lewis if he wasn't a great wouldn't rag on Ben if he were...oh, say...Kyle Boller.

      Really, I wish you no ill and hope in time you'll be able to enjoy what was really a great season.

      I don't belong to an organized political party. I'm a Democrat.--Will Rogers

      by Notthemayor on Sun Jan 16, 2011 at 11:36:41 PM PST

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