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View Diary: Nation split in thirds on gay marriage (159 comments)

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  •  I like this Jim (1+ / 0-)
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    as it covers the bases. It also takes away the right winger argument that churches and pastors will be forced to marry gay couples by law. That is not going to happen and it takes away a big right wing talking point on the issue.  As we hear that all the time from wingnut with trying to stir up hate and fear on the right by saying pastors and priests will be forced to marry everybody.  

    When it is simply about the marriage license and emphasis that marriage is strictly a legal issue and a civil rights issue and nothing to do with a church ceremony...I have seen people almost seemed shocked when I remind them of that fact.

    I have a very intelligent lawyer friend who kept talking about how the catholic church is having him obtain an annulment so he can marry later on in a catholic church after having  a prostestant wedding at his church and then later satisfy the requirements for the catholic church to acccept the marriage as valid. I reminded him that his marriage anywhere would be legal with a marriage license issued by the county ( and he is an elected official in his county too) and he seemed almost shocked to hear me say that. It was like he needed reminded, so bizarre.

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