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  •  We are in Afghanistan (6+ / 0-)

    to test new weapons. The weapons the MIC are developing are far too big to test within the borders of the U.S.--they need to be tested and perfected in a real war situation, so the U.S. MIC has created one which they intend to maintain. We are not there to win or stop insurgents or find bin Laden or topple the Taliban. We are there to play with war toys. The big, fat, old, wizened gasbags in the Pentagon on up know that if they are to maintain the U.S.'s ridiculously wasteful status as the World Power, they need this territory to play in. And if it takes out the young, strong yet unemployable population of males to do it, they will keep sending same. It's win-win for the Pentagon in the short term, i.e. about 2 decades.

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