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View Diary: ABC/WaPo: 78% Approval For Obama on Tucson; Palin not so much (144 comments)

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  •  My secret conspiracy theory about Palin (1+ / 0-)
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    is that she's being paid off by someone in the GOP who actually is planning to run, who pays her to get out and say the stupidest shit humanly possible and then bow out right when she hits rock bottom just to make the hypothetical nominee look halfway tolerable.

    It's got to be like Huckabee or someone.

    I'm only half kidding.

    I have no other human explanation for her continued train wreck, although she was brilliantly compared to Courtney Love somewhere upthread. And of course, despite the whole "my daughter got a restraining order against me at seventeen" gambit, the woman can still cash a few bucks selling records.

    "There are always two parties; the establishment and the movement." - Emerson

    by mahakali overdrive on Mon Jan 17, 2011 at 09:17:39 PM PST

    •  I like it. (1+ / 0-)
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      mahakali overdrive
      It makes sense out of what seems to be nonsense.

      Then again, I'm convinced Elvis didn't die in 1977.

      "The fears of one class of men are not the measure of the rights of another." ~ George Bancroft (1800-1891)

      by JBL55 on Tue Jan 18, 2011 at 06:29:57 AM PST

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