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View Diary: The Smoking Gun: Here Is Why Glenn Beck Should Be Fired NOW! (274 comments)

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    Yes, there are crazy people who will "go off" anyway.  And there are people who are more or less sane, who won't go off unless you do an amazingly good job at inciting them.  In between is a large range.  If you pitch your message right (and the media are experts at this), you can reach a very select number of people out of the total of viewers who are watching.  

    And if you're particularly good at this, you'll reach the people who are crazy enough that they "could have" gone off on their own.  

    Now of course we can't base our society on a lowest-common-denominator standard whereby all public media are dumbed down such that nothing could possibly trigger a nut.  But we can go after the most outrageous and egregious hate-spew, and that by itself will make a substantial difference.  

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