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View Diary: US Supreme Court to DC Bigots: "NO!" w/ Updates (152 comments)

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    This is why I concur with the decision of the group (I forget it's name) to challenge Prop 8 in Federal Court.  Recall, there was a split in the LGBT community regarding this, for fear that the Supreme Court doesn't have the right makeup.  I'm not sure that's true.

    Believe me, I do NOT support Roberts' or Alito's stances on 99% of the "split decision" cases.  But I do not think they are hard-and-fast tools of the socially hard right conservative movement.  Some on this thread have argued maybe they all just decided there were more important things to do or that it was states' rights, etc.  Now, for a moment, stop and think about Thomas and Scalia.  They have almost NEVER turned away from being despicable.  They will impart their version of social injustice at every turn possible.  They almost certainly would've heard this case since, after all, prejudice against "hte gay" isn't discrimination, in their eyes.

    So... Alito and/or Roberts went against this are potentially swayable.  And Roberts actually did some work, pro bono, on the Colorado Romer case in favor of the "good guys".  It wasn't much, and it wasn't likely critical work.  Nonetheless, he did it pro bono... so, he chose and gave of his time to be involved on the side of the "good guys" in that case.

    When the rubber hits the road on the ultimate court case regarding same sex marriage, I think it'll be tougher to win Roberts (and/or Alito), but I don't think it's beyond the question.  (And as long as we get the other five, we still win.)  As has been pointed out numerous times... Yes Roberts (and Alito) is a tool of the corporate right wing machine, but their loyalty to social conservative extremism is questionable.  On this issue, they are not lost causes - at least Roberts isn't.

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    by millwx on Tue Jan 18, 2011 at 10:41:16 AM PST

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