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    Congresswoman Woolsey, I'm a constituent and am very disappointed in your vote to pass the horrible health care bill.  Gee, it's great your son get's coverage but that could have been done without shoveling money to bail out the insurance industry's failed business model.  You take a progressive stance only with regard to legislation that doesn't depend on your vote to pass.  Whenever your vote is crucial, just as it was to pass the health care bill without a public option but with mandates, you fold and capitulate to corporate democrats.  Can you identify one vote you made that was crucial for the defeat of legislation that the corporate democrats and/or Democratic president favored?

    Good luck improving the health care bill with fewer Democrats in Congress, a corporate Democrat in the White House, and a bunch of lunatics in the opposition party.  

    I'm glad that you decided not to run for re-election and I hope that a true progressive who does not bow to political pressure from corporate Democrats runs and is elected.

    You are popular on this site and I anticipate getting a negative reaction from some, but I live in your district and I live with the results of you talking a good game (like threatening not to vote for a health care bill without a public option), but when push comes to shove you leave a lot of progressives in your district disenfranchised by failing to take a stand on principal.  The corporate Democrats and Republicans know that you can be rolled.

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