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View Diary: Here's the Glenn Beck "Shoot them in the head!" video (185 comments)

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  •  Beck's 'dog whistle' targeted Fareed Zakaria too (2+ / 0-)

    Last December 13th Beck continued his theme of political assassination after Fareed Zakaria called him out for wild and irresponsible claims about the number of Muslims that support terror against the U.S.:

    "If I said to Fareed Zakaria, 'Fareed, I'm not going to kill you, but I support the people who do want to kill you,' am I a problem, Fareed?  

    Given the action of Beck's followers, if I were Zakaria I doubt his follow-on 'disclaimer'...

    Yes! Yes, I would be a problem! If you said to somebody, 'Hey Glenn, I'm not going to kill you myself, but man... I don't have any problem with anybody who wants to take their bare hands and snap your neck'--excuse me?"

    ... would settle my unease

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