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View Diary: Voter's top priority: jobs. GOP's agenda: Everything but. (62 comments)

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    Elections count. When Dems don't turn out, we get the likes of Speaker Boehner and his Tea Party zealots who are nothing but a bunch of "business as usual" champagne drinking K Street hypocrites. They want federal health care for themselves, not for the people they claim to represent. ExhibitA--N. Carolina's 2d C.D. Rep. Renee Elmers. This  former RN wants insurance companies to determine what to do about people with pre-existing conditions,  and argues that people shouldn't pay for maternity care. After all, men don't make babies. It's the stork, stupid! She and hypocrite GOPer Cong. Dr. Andy Harris. For more on Ellmers, Harris, and GOP "civility," LOL, read   this

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      when we DO vote for the Democrats, they take our mandate and turn into "nothing but a bunch of "business as usual" champagne drinking K Street hypocrites," to use your turn of phrase.

      That's a bad political strategy for Democrats in a good economy, its suicidal politics in a depression. If anyone cared to pay attention to the reults of the last election.

      And we are in a depression.

      At which point, your thesis on the value of elections begins to lose it's point, sadly.

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