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View Diary: FREE VI – From Abuse, Arranged Marriage, and Sharia Law! (62 comments)

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    She only has two other options –1. try to go to the local chapter of the UNHCR and claim refugee status – they aren’t known for being very effective. 2. She is forced into marrying her cousin- and upon discovering she is not a virgin – her family will at worst kill her – and at best shun her and abandon her.

    She is being pressured to marry her cousin now - she doesn't have time. And is scared to seek help on those in her own country.  Even authorities there think it is the families business and women and daughters must answer to the men.

    We researched her best options we called advocacy agencies in UK, Australia, America, and Sweden.  The best option is to come legally and then seek asylum.  Amnesty International may still be contacted - but it means nothing until she is out of that country.  We actually have an organization already lined that we inted to seek help from -Heartland Alliance out of Chicago.

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