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View Diary: Selective attention, enmeshment and not seeing what's directly in front of you (40 comments)

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    I have that problem, too, though it manifests itself differently.

    I'll provide this video as an example:

    I was experimenting with a well known Bach tune, but got distracted by a thought in my head and started mixing it in with other pieces of music I'd been composing and before I knew it, it kind of crossed into a weird mash-up type thing.  This happens to me a lot because I don't just hear a single piece of music-- I listen to music and remember other melodies that fit with it and I'm just kind of going.  I will get songs confused because, even though they are not at all similar, they have a similar structural quality.  This can happen with a a fiddle tune and an opera tune as easily as it can with two tunes in the same genre.  I jokingly (and hopefully not offensively) refer to it as "musical autism."

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