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View Diary: When the Madness Starts, It Will Consume Us All. (91 comments)

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  •  well, thanks for noticing the heart of my diary.. (9+ / 0-)

    I wasn't just putting this all on Obama, and how many times, have I said in this diary, and in other diaries how much I wanted him to succeed?  I still do.

    I remember one Kossack saying, that she wasn't sure anymore if it mattered who the President was in our nation, but I've been watching for such a long time, and have read many articles on what is known as the Imperial Presidencies.  

    I wonder at the same time, who really has the power here?  I'm not certain any long, but still, why even bother to pretend that the Oligarchy isn't controlling the messages, and why we have a President now, that seems to favor 'crickets' and trail balloons' over a strict meaningful plan and agenda.

    That is what I'm asking.  I think that is a fair debate.  This idea that the Republicans are stealing the narrative, certainly doesn't answer my question:

    Why doesn't President Obama (who has access to perhaps the greatest minds and Public Relations team, not even to mention the Bully Pulpit) not use any of these tools at his disposal.

    That is a false argument, that dose not only relay on common sense, but also, let's our own President (how convenient) off the hook for being held responsible for real leadership.


    Ms. B.

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