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  •  "We" Still Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For (3+ / 0-)
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    Not "He", not "They", but "We".

    Trouble is, 'we' are still 'waiting'.  

    I for one thought He might be the one to help convince us of that singluarly powerful truth that 'we' must be the leaders of our own movement, 'we' must be the shapers of our own future and 'we' must be the saviors of our own democracy.

    He made serious noises like that was the case during his campaign, but since then, he has left that on the cutting room floor.

    A transformational Obama campaign turned into a traditional Obama administration - and that more than anything is what has led to the frustration and the emotionally raw response to his administration.

    Neither tone nor words that call us to high ideals will make his administration transformational.  

    In this day and time, what is needed is to lead the people back into control of their own democracy.  And on that score, Obama had great potential but has failed to even really try.

    That fundamental failure to carry through on his promise (that he made or that he carried) colors everything else he does, casting it in darker light and making everything seem more shallow because without fundamental transforamation of the system each gain may be nothing more than temporary until someone else sits in his chair or controls the House and Senate and each loss seems to be just one more step down that old road.

    The only thing that can ultimately change that direction and the only hope to overcome what the diarist has painted as our future, is that 'we' come to fully understand those truths and 'we' start to act on that knowledge that is still true and still holds the ultimate power whether it be stated here or Tunisia or Iran or China, or Burma.

    We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

    It is not Class Warfare. It is more than that; it is a war for the survival of democracy.

    by Into The Woods on Sun Jan 23, 2011 at 10:57:20 PM PST

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