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  •  Was your job at Borders? (8+ / 0-)
    They're shutting down completely, I think.

    I was emailing with a friend yesterday whose "contract wasn't renewed" (a supposedly more kindly way of firing) and who was replaced by someone with no experience, but willing to work for half the price. This was at a small college here locally.

    And from all appearances, I don't think her college is going to survive. As I emailed her yesterday, for as horrible as her experience was, I think the gods were looking after her because after a completely horrible period of time, she's ended up in a much better place and she's not going to have to endure the dying gasps of a small public institution (which, from all appearances, is going to be a particularly ugly and meanspirited dying gasp).

    I'm gainfully employed for now, but I have an exit plan, so to speak, which includes either renting my current house out or walking away from it.

    I'm really glad things have worked out for you, and for my friend. I wish they did for everyone.

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