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  •  Your refusal (0+ / 0-)

    to recognize the problem is a why people like you are a part of the problem.  It would be sufficient to say that you are a Christian and condemn this sort of hate as well.  Instead you defend it.

    •  Look dude, you are way off base (0+ / 0-)

      I didn't refuse to recognize it, again. I don't defend it. You are lying. You are berating me personally with lies, instead of addressing my comments.

      I challenged a single point of Clarknt67's that Christianity is increasingly bigoted with poll evidence. Because, I think his argument and cause is better served by recognizing it. Making a point that Christian attitudes are increasingly tolerant of gay people and same sex marriage is not a denial. It's a point of fact.

      One might think when Christians stand up to defend their progressive attitudes and tolerance in support of gay rights, there would be ground for common cause and mutual respect. But to each his own.

      BTW, I'm not here to write what you think is sufficient.

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