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View Diary: Since when did Entitlements become a Bad Thing? (215 comments)

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  •  "a sense" of entitlement is NOT (1+ / 0-)
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    the same as an actual entitlement!
    Look it up... I believe someone up thread already mentioned it is synonymous with "rights".

    It's not about reclaiming so much as clearly defining.

    We are tasked to "promote the general welfare" in the Constitution, does that mean we are to promote something bad or negative because the word "welfare" has bad connotations?
    Hell no!
    Entitlement is something earned.
    You are entitled to it.

    A "sense of entitlement" is a phrase that inspires doubt in whatever, because it implies it is not a true entitlement.
    That's the framing done by the RW.

    Actually, I don't think much "reclaiming" needs to occur.
    It's just clarifying the true and proper use of the word, and we can do that by pointing out that Social Security is not a "sense of entitlement" but an actual entitlement... that we have earned and deserve as Americans!

    You could say our Government has a mandate to enact entitlements in promoting the General Welfare... if you wanted to. Why not go for that framing? If you give in and give up on whatever the RW frames, well then... the domestic terrorists win.
    ....just saying...

    "A lie repeated may be accepted as fact, but the truth repeated becomes self evident." -elonifer skyhawk

    by Fireshadow on Sun Jan 23, 2011 at 11:53:49 PM PST

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