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  •  Capitalist imperialism played a principal role... (2+ / 0-)
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    JoanMar, nosleep4u creating the conditions that gave rise to Stalin, and the policies he pursued.

    Lenin, like Mao, Ho Chi Minh, and Fidel, among others, appealed to the US for assistance in establishing their independence, but each was presented with outrageous demands that they accept a few well placed bribes and submit to neo-colonialism.

    When they refused, and insisted on independence, the full weight of international monopoly capital was brought to bear against them, including direct military attack, as well as funding and arming of the most despicable kinds of traitorous counter-revolutionary elements, constant attempts at infiltration and bribery to commit sabotage, and floods of seditious Faux "News" style propaganda.

    Add to that encirclement, blockade, boycott, cutting off of trade and credit, and relentless world-wide propaganda against them.

    All of these factors are what really, ultimately, caused the starvation and general deprivation, as well as the emergence of such harsh regimes.

    In each case, those nations were literally, deliberately, forced to resort to martial law and draconian measures to defend their revolution and maintain their independence.

    Hitler was even very substantially financed, and his war machine built up, by anti-semites and capitalist pigs from all over the world, especially the US, to sic the Nazis like a mad dog on Russia.

    Such conditions as these nations faced were not conducive to optimal social, economic and political development, obviously.

    Does this exonerate Stalin, and the others?  Certainly not, but it does explain a lot more accurately what actually happened.

    The US and other imperialist capitalist nations did everything in their considerable power to destroy those fledgling nations, and failing that, to cripple and retard their development, to very considerable effect.

    It seems the height of disingenuous duplicity to then point to the horrid conditions that ensued as any kind of "proof" of anything, except that our own nation, which itself was founded on heinous genocidal policies and practices, bears more responsibility than anyone else for what happened in the "Communist" countries.

    "...a printing press is worth 10,000 rifles..." Ho Chi Minh

    by Radical def on Sun Jan 23, 2011 at 05:47:53 PM PST

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