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  •  Learning vs Encouraging (3+ / 0-)

    I read alot.  Stacks. That is how I "learn."  Keith gave me "encouragement" when I felt (in my red town in a red state) that there must be something wrong in my thought process.  How come I detect lies (I replayed comments in my mind) and others either did not remember, or did not care about the lying?  In fact, telling a lie seemed to be the new default and when caught - just keep lying.  No dishonor there. I enjoyed that KO link to sanity. Now it is gone. The status quo has never moved civilization forward - or backward. Keith kept pushing forward - even if he was left out of the MSNBC ads.

    •  Learning vs. encouraging (1+ / 0-)
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      Great Lakes Liberal

      If you're an avid reader, I'm sure you must have come across many places on the Net in which your thought process would have found like-minded people and been encouraged. Stephen Colbert certainly would have reinforced your thought processes. There are/were/have been many links to sanity other than Keith Olbermann.

      I like Keith, I think he did some good things in the early years, but I also think began to take himself far too seriously and I don't enjoy that kind of theater. I also think any comparisons to Cronkite or Murrow are really stretching it. Of those who make such comparison, I wonder how many really are old enough to remember watching Cronkite or Murrow.

      That Olbermann has has disagreements with almost every boss he's ever had; has left his various gigs bad feelings is on Olbermann. You can't blame management at every one of his past jobs.

      He's a bright guy and apparently needs to play by his own rules and answer to no one but himself. His leaving MSNBC is probably a blessing in disguise. He'll land on his feet and all of his ardent followers will be able to continue to listen to and see him.

      •  On his worst day,Keith still the best (2+ / 0-)
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        greengemini, Great Lakes Liberal

        How many times did you come away feeling inspired or educated by Faux News?CNN? ABC?

        He has a sense of humor,is very bright,an avid lover of sports,is willing to put himself out there like no other news person I had ever seen in the news.I remember Cronkite.I read about Murrow.

        Keith has always struck me as a very principled person.Of course principled people don't always agree with others.They are willing to stand up and argue for what they think is right even if it costs them their job.And it has.It was always a matter of when,not if.

        I feel like I know him well.We both love Thurber.We are both Unitarian Universalists.UUs don't promote dogma,we promote ethical principles.How you treat people does matter but you don't have to be a patsy either.

        Like all principled people ,he is passionate about what he believes is right.It gets you in trouble with the satus quo.Been there,done that.I've been shunned for not backing a popular war twice in my lifetime.
        I lost friends.It hurt but I had to be who I was.
        Principled people do argue a lot.We can't shut up when think that something is wrong.So? Sometimes its the right thing to do.

        I think Keith answers to his conscience.I understand that.It won't always make you popular but you sleep good at night.That's the price you pay.Its a bargain.

        Cynicism leads to Inactivity. Hope leads to Action.

        by Citizenpower on Sun Jan 23, 2011 at 08:34:41 PM PST

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