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  •  I never like the phrase "national interest" (1+ / 0-)
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    and "national security" isn't any better.  It just was never clear what this "nation" thing was supposed to be and who interpreted its interests.  That this amorphous entity now need to be secured or made to fell secure is even more disconcerting.
    Perhaps that's because, as someone born in the land of "national socialism," whose politically aware grandfather was a strong socialist and was made to suffer deprivation for not giving sufficient deference to the "nation," the obfuscation that the term Nazi provides never registered as it obviously did with most Americans, to the point where "socialism" is now considered an offensive concept.

    In fact, it's the elevation of that figment of the imagination, the nation, as the new sovereign to which all natural persons are to be subservient and sacrifice their human rights, which was and is the problem.  Indeed, the anti-humanists tell us as much.  A secular ideal, supported by the rule of an impersonal law, is being touted as a superior form of social organization.  Which it is, but not because people fare better.  No, what makes the nation state and the rule of law superior is that there are no flesh and blood rulers to identify, so their heads can be offed (or their bodies exiled to another country) when their dominion becomes intolerable.

    When the rule of law is used to subordinate and subjugate a population, the resulting dictatorship is more implacable than any ruler, and virtually immortal to boot.  

    For an example, we need merely consider the Constitutional designation of natural persons who had been purchased as less -- just 3/5 of a whole person.  For, while this particular provision of the law has been changed (by the action of men), the designation of people as property continues to echo in children being considered the property of their parents and the deprivation of human rights under cover of law was resurrected as recently as 17 years ago in the now-repealed, but not retired, DADT.  Never mind the pervasive subordination of human rights in the name of "national security" via such vehicles as the Patriot Act and personal assaults at airports.

    The nation is a figment of the imagination.  Why does it merit more concern than natural persons?

    The conservative mind relies mainly on what is plain to see.

    by hannah on Mon Jan 24, 2011 at 05:16:10 AM PST

    •  What kind of wording to you propose? (0+ / 0-)

      The Common good?
      Societal Interest?
      The greater good?
      Building a better future?
      Upgrade and retool?

      I am sure the term the national interest can be spun or used for Good or Evil...

      The compact in this society is the constitution even if the Conservatives are being a bit activist on the court at the moment... Citizens United will be a bane to the court in the history books IMHO.... Still the use of language is benign at the least and is only as profound as we let it be...

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