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  •  Ah...a Kos post I feel qualified to respond to! (8+ / 0-)

    First, awesome diary - thanks for bringing up the topic!

    As someone who will be 45 next month, its been a LONG struggle to get to where I am in life.  Although my brother was diagnosed with ADD early in life, no one thought to test or look at girls for this issue.  I too skated through school by acing tests and was a completely disorganized mess through my entire life.

    I wound up doing research on my own about 8 years ago when my aunt was working for a psychologist who treated LOTS of ADD kids.  She sent me some samples of Strattera, which was newer on the market at that point in time.  BINGO - a few days later my fog was gone and life was different!  I took this information to my general doctor, who was willing to work with me.  

    I STRONGLY encourage you to find another doctor if yours blows you off with your concerns.  I also self-diagnosed for hypothyroidism.  They had just changed the levels of what was considered normal and most endocrinologists worth their salt said that different people have different "optimum" levels.  I told her that if she wasn't willing to work with me, I would find another doctor who would.  It took about a year to get the dose right, but it worked. My previous doc, in the same clinic wanted to treat me for depression.  My ass is big so I must be depressed...right?  insert eye roll here

    Anyway, I took the ADD self test questions to my doctor and said "I think this is me".  I also told her about my trial with Strattera and that I wanted a prescription.  She said...we can give it a shot.  Also took a while to get the dose tweaked...started at 80 mg and wound up settling in at 40...when I remembered to take  I totally relate to the previous posters comments on that issue.

    My husband has the patience of a saint and helped me through getting a routine in place to remember my meds.  He can totally notice if I miss 3 days of my meds and I can now notice if I am off a week or two.

    It's funny because my friend who has a son with ADD says that its not usually the people who take the drugs who notice the difference, its the people around them.

    Strattera is a different schedule of drug than Ritalin and those.  Its a once a year prescription renewal.  The first 2 weeks of taking it will kill your appetite, but that passes.

    You will also find that a lot of docs would prefer the drugs that require more frequents visits for prescription refills.  From my aunt working for one, I can guarantee you that a huge reason for that is billing...lots of lots of office call billings lost if you transfer patients to a drug that requires only once a year visit.  

    I went from multiple jobs/relationships to being in a happy 10 year relationship and doubling my income...this stuff has been a lifesaver.

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