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View Diary: Clarence Thomas: An (unreported) penny here, a penny there (246 comments)

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  •  it's worth saying (21+ / 0-)

    that the "lying under oath" charge never reached the level of indictment.  The evidence was only "he said, she said" and was not enough for a grand jury to indict.
    I'm less willing to say Clinton brought this upon himself.  The Whitewater investigation was an effort by the GOP to use the mechanisms of Congress to undo a national election.  There was never any evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the Clintons, and yet Kenneth Starr and company kept their investigation open, literally years after any half-way honest prosecutor would have closed the case.  
    Meanwhile, millionaires are running around Arkansas offering huge amounts of money to anybody who would be willing to accuse Clinton of making sexual advances.  And so they put Paula Jones on the payroll, and somehow Ken Starr decided that it would be an appropriate use of his mandate to start fishing around in this new area, which was entirely unrelated to Whitewater.  And so this prosecutor starts fishing around in Clinton's private life.

    My point here?  I have a lot of sympathy for not cooperating in a fully candid way with Starr.  What was going on was a sham.  Given that Lewinsky's testimony was completely irrelevant to the Paula Jones lawsuit, what was going on was nothing more than a perjury trap, with the intent of undoing the 1992 election.  The judge in the Jones case should never have put Clinton under oath to be grilled about his relationship with Lewisnky.

    Nickel, dime, and quarter. Change we can believe in.

    by RickD on Sun Jan 23, 2011 at 09:42:07 PM PST

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