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View Diary: Pique the Geek 20110123:  The Physics of Cooking (110 comments)

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    The temperature of the water vapor can be controlled precisely by controlling the pressure, so the food can be taken up when it is just right.  The lower temperatures are also more gentle on the food, and since your mouth can not tolerate boiling temperatures anyway, 212 F is not really necessary.

    Interestingly, even at the lower temperature the same 40.65 kJ/mol of energy (heat) is required to vaporize the water.  The temperature is lower, but the energy to vaporize stays the same.  Evaporated milk is made the same way, so are juice concentrates.  Not to save energy, but to prevent damage to the character of the product.  Boilt milk is not so good.

    Now, you used a word that is key:  "reheat".  Those entrees are already cooked, so they are not really cooking them in this manner, but merely warming them up again.

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