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  •  These papers clarify the already-clear (12+ / 0-)

    the palestinian "leadership" is weak to the point of non-existance, and utterly devoid of vision.

    the Israeli government is ruthless, intransigent, and fixed in what IMO is a delusional belief that Israel can survive without compromise.

    If it does survive, the Israel of fifty years hence will be morally unrecognizable.

    •  Don't forget our (the US) role in this. (17+ / 0-)

      This is from an editorial by Robert Grenier, ex-CIA:

      All of us approach this record burdened with our own backgrounds and experiences. I assess them as an American, and as a former government practitioner. As an American, the reaction I draw, frankly, is one of shame. My government has consistently followed the path of least resistance and of short-term political expediency, at the cost of decency, justice, and our clear, long-term interests. More pointedly, The Palestine Papers reveal us to have alternatively demanded and encouraged the Palestinian participants to take disproportionate risks for a negotiated settlement, and then to have refused to extend ourselves to help them achieve it, leaving them exposed and vulnerable. The Palestine Papers, in my view, further document an American legacy of ignominy in Palestine.


      They persist in the face of the Americans’ blatant advocacy on behalf of the Israelis, refusing to cave in to consistent American pressure designed to force the Palestinians to compensate for Israeli inflexibility with ever-greater concessions of their own.

      And time and again, we see them pleading for some small concession, some tangible evidence which will demonstrate to their people that they do, in fact, have a valuable stake in negotiations with their oppressors. Beyond the immediate exigencies of the negotiating points themselves, the Palestinians are at pains to point out to the Americans the underlying trends in the region, what is at stake for the US in this process, and the many clear convergences of Palestinian and American interests – all largely for naught.


      That's all it takes, really...pressure and time.

      by Flyswatterbanjo on Sun Jan 23, 2011 at 07:03:58 PM PST

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