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    One wants to believe in the basic decency of the people occupying positions of power in a putative democracy like Israel.  That, whatever the other incentives, they'd rather have peace and good relations with their Palestinian neighbours.  

    And maybe some of most of them do feel that way ina  soft, intellectual way.  Yet the hard incentives for Israel are all against peace.  Israel has nothing to lose by prolonging this struggle.  The land theft continues unimpeded.  They have all the key sites they want under control already.  The wall ensures enough security that there is not a significant social unrest among Israelis for peace, so really why make a deal?

    It really will take significant international and external pressure on Israel to make them prefer a peace-compromise to the status quo.  Instead, the US leans most heavily on the Palestinians to compromise which actually only makes the chances for peace less likely.  None of the Very Serious People even broaches the topic of ending US military aid to Israel as even the hint of a stick to keep them at the bargaining table.

    The bread is not buttered on the peace side of the bread for Israel.  Until that changes, they will only accept deals so unjust that the Palestinian people could never accept them.

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