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  •  he isn't the candidate THIS TIME. (1+ / 0-)
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    Consider this:

    If you were the spouse of a former governor and VP candidate, you would have friends in high places.  Friends who could help you out quite a bit if you ever wanted to run for any kind of public office.  

    Todd is married (for the moment) to a powerful rightwing nutjob, which makes it highly probable that he is also a rightwing nutjob.  

    We don't know that he would ever have run for office.  But when Karl Rove was in college we didn't know how he was going to turn out, and when Glenn Beck got his first radio job we didn't know how he was going to turn out either.

    Sarah is sufficiently dangerous that it's reasonable to assume her husband has the ingredients to be pretty damn dangerous himself.  

    Therefore, if there's an opportunity to catch him with his pants down and obliterate any chance of him ever getting into public office, we'd be downright stupid to forego the opportunity.  

    As for "punishment without trial", he's not on trial so he's not entitled to a legal presumption of innocence.  Public office is a privilege not a right.  And it's not as if he's committed a felony: he can still live his life as just another dude with a day job.  

    There's another lesson in this:  Hey college lefties!  Go to frat parties, bring a camera, and be sure to get lots of embarrassing photos of college righties doing things that can be used against them later.   The best way to stop fascists is to prevent them getting started on their career up the ladder of power.  

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